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Authentic Moroccan Pouffe Ottomans

Ottomans Onlys range of Moroccan Pouffe Ottomans are available in a variety of styles, colours and designs to suit any decor. Whether its to accessorise a Moroccan themed room, or simply to add some colour and versatility to a more modern, contemporary look, youll find one or two of our beautiful leather Pouffe Ottomans may be just what youre after.

Our range of Authentic StarStiched, Embossed and Retro Ottomans feature patterns, shapes, symbols and design elements steeped in hundreds of years of Arab, African, Berber and Mediterranean cultural influences.

Surprisingly, many of the intricate designs featured on and in many examples of Moroccan art and decor can be traced back to the influence of early Middle-Eastern mathematics. Various Middle-Eastern influences raised mathematics to an art form with the extensive use of complex, often symmetrical geometric patterns to decorate their buildings, textiles and the like. Middle-Eastern and philosphic-inspired artists discovered all the different forms of symmetry that can be depicted on a 2-dimensional surface.

Over time, some of these designs have evolved to be incorporated into modern Moroccan design and today can be seen in many aspects of Moroccan decor — including the humble Pouffe Ottoman.

Today, very little in the way of modern techniques are utilised to produce the Pouffe Ottoman. Its authenticity is inherent in the centuries-old leather tanneries which still use traditional sun drying methods and natural dyes.

Explore our store to find the Pouffe Ottoman to suit your setting.

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