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​Unique ideas for styling an ottoman you may have not considered

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For some, an ottoman is simply a stylish addition to your living room that serves the purpose of putting your feet up on. For others, it is merely used to fill a small space that would otherwise seem empty but isn't large enough to fit in a significant piece of furniture, like a new coffee table.

Ottomans aren't just an inanimate object you use to fill an otherwise-empty space. There are many creative ideas to showcase this special piece of furniture you may have not previously considered.

A makeshift mini coffee table

A flat topped Moroccan ottoman is the perfect makeshift coffee table or side table to take pride of place next to your sofa. Depending on its size, place a round serving tray (silver or marble always look fresh and timeless) on top, and fill with some well-thought-out statement pieces. Pretty tealight candle holders and small plants work a treat, or an incense holder with a stick of yummy-smelling incense in it will have your home smelling like a Moroccan oasis in no time.

Alternatively, instead of a serving tray, use a big flat coffee table book as the base and arrange your items on this.

An ottoman is also a wonderful addition to your home when friends visit and need a compact side-table for their cup of tea as you catch up.

A morning meditation spot

Some spiritual types need a quiet spot to reflect and meditate as part of their daily routine. A Moroccan pouf or ottoman is the ideal addition to this space - whether you have a corner of a room to work with, or a room just for this purpose. Sitting on a flat-topped and low ottoman or pouf can be a great place to think, and also will make sure you are sitting upright, using your core and not slouching! Fill the immediate area with your rolled up yoga mat, some hurricane vases for pillar candles and some exotic-looking plants and you have easily created your own spiritual oasis.

Ottomans and poufs are no longer an antiquated concept, and are currently experiencing a renaissance within interior decoration circles and home decor DIY enthusiasts.

Styling your new Moroccan ottoman with these simple tips and tricks will seamlessly blend this trendy new addition into whichever space you choose to include it.

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