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5 Types of Filling For Your Moroccan Pouffe Ottoman


Depending on the type of feel and weight you want to achieve there are a range of options available.

5 Types of Filling For Your Moroccan Pouffe Ottoman:

  1. Upholstery fillings such as flock, coconut fibres, lofted wadding, dacron, polyester fibre filling. Simply do a google search in your city/area for "upholstery filling supplies" and you will most likely have a few options of suppliers to choose from. One such supplier base din Melbourne but ships nation wide is Padgham Upholstery & Supplies, visit them here http://www.padghamupholstery.com.au/, they also have an online store you can order from. Flock will give it a heavier, more solid fill whereas coconut fibre gives it a lighter fill.
  2. Polystyrene filling for a light, bean-bag feeling. So you don’t make a mess of this, best to fill your ottoman in a bath or large trough, as the beads to wander off. It has even been suggested to use a linen/cloth type material to line the interior of the ottoman.
  3. Foam/Rubber materials for a light yet firm feel. Contact the likes of Clarks Rubber, Dunlop Living or other similar outlets in your area. You could also try carpet stores as they often can supply you with foam or rubber underlay which can easily be used for filling your ottoman. This last suggestion was actually done by one of our customers. He contacted a carpet retailer, go some cheap foam underlay cut it up and squashed it into his ottoman very easily.
  4. Old, unused clothes, towels, bed sheets or the like can also provide a light and firm filling option which is a great way to re-use some of the old stuff lying around the house.
  5. Plastic bags, newspaper, cash (the monopoly, fake kind of course). Pretty much anything else you want to keep, but just can’t part with or you don’t want anyone else to know you still have it. Your ottoman will be a trusty guard for those invaluable items!

How much is enough?

At the end of the day, it is hard to say how much you need exactly, as all the ottomans are hand made and dimensions may slightly vary between each one. It will also depend on how compact or heavy you want it to feel.

As a general guideline, approx 5-6 kg of flock should do for the larger ottomans and approx 4 kg for the smaller ones.

If opting for coconut fibre approx 3-4 kg should do the job for the larger ottomans or approx 2.5 kg for the smaller ones.

If you find your ottoman lacking somewhat, you can always top it up with old clothes, towels or sheets. In fact those latter options are a good point to start if you have spare items that fit the bill. 

If you have any other tips for filling your ottomans, send them to us here. And to return the favour we'll send you a $10 coupon which you can use on your next purchase.

Looking for an easy way to fill your Pouffe Ottoman? Check out our simple 10-step guide.

TIP: For a quick and easy 2min video demonstration check out this video.

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