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Interior Design Flavoured With Moroccan Pouf Ottomans


When you have an established design, it can be hard to fit a new or elaborate piece of furniture into an existing design. However, when you fall in love with a piece, you're going to want to know how to make it work. Moroccan ottomans are found in many home designs. While we love Moroccan furniture and decor (because we love Moroccan design), it pays to know how to bring a beautiful piece into other designs so that you can allow for a more eclectic taste. 

A traditional Moroccan pouf ottoman works perfectly within a Moroccan design, but can add a splash of colour and culture to any design setting. Here are our top ways to use the various styles of Moroccan poufs:

1. Embossed

Embossed Moroccan poufs are made from high-quality, beautifully soft leather. They are hand-dyed, so the look is soft and luxurious. 


These ottomans work well in rooms that require a subtle and soft palette. For example, the beige ottoman would look great with ocean blues and turquoise colours, while the royal blue ottoman would work well with any rich colour palette.

2. Stitched

Stitched ottomans are more elaborate, and can be used as a statement piece on their own. The white ottoman would go well alongside a formal lounge setting, where elegance is the word. 


The green stitched Moroccan pouf, on the other hand, would work well in a fun and brightly creative space. 

3. Retro

Our signature retro design range is made with soft leather and has a beaten, worn look. 


This antique-style ottoman would go well with any traditionalist setting. The soft, brown leather would look great with dark, heavy woods, and rich textures such as soft, high-pile carpet. Conversely, this ottoman can take the harshness off a harder environment, so can be used to add a little comfort and warmth to a tiled and sparse room.

4. The Star

In both name and design, this ottoman is a star. The details are all hand-stitched and hand-painted, making every star ottoman a unique work of art. This is a statement piece that, like an artwork, is a statement that will define its space. 


As you can see, from the embossed, subtle tones, to the authentic star of the ottoman show, you can have the ottoman you love and make it work within the design of your home.

The question is which style will suit your setting best?

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