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How to fill your Pouffe Ottoman

We decided to deliver our range un-stuffed to save money on shipping costs which means we can pass that saving on to you. It also makes it easier for you to handle and gives you the choice of what type of filling you want to use.

Filling your Moroccan Pouffe need is not that difficult, it's a 5 minute exercise once you know what you are doing.

For filling material ideas check out our blog on 5 Types of Filling.

10 Simple steps to filling your Moroccan Pouffe Ottoman:

  1. Turn your pouffe to the under side where the zip opening is.
  2. Unzip and remove any debris (if any).
  3. If flattened, push it out to make it nice and round, it also makes it easier to fill.
  4. Best to line the top of the pouffe (bottom/base whilst it is flipped over) with a towel or any other flat, larger material. This gives it a nice smooth and firm look and feel on the top.
  5. Then start filling it up using whatever it is that you have chosen for the filling.
  6. Ensure that whatever material you are using is dry so as to remove any potential harm from mould build up.
  7. If using foam/polystyrene beads use an enclosed area such as a bath or laundry trough if it is large enough as the beads tend to float about.
  8. Slide your hand down the sides and fill any empty cavities found.
  9. Zip-close the Pouffe ensuring that materials do not get caught up in the zip.
  10. To get a more firm setting to the Pouffe, push down or sit on the ottoman and add more filling until you are satisfied with look and feel. Don't over-stuff it as you don;t want to break the zip or burst at the seems - literally!

Note: You may see your ottoman settle over a longer period. Refill if or as necessary.

To help your Ottoman live longer, see our page about caring for your Ottoman. And for some practical and fun ways to use your Ottoman, check out this blog.

For a quick and easy 2min video demonstration check out this video. TIP: Go to 45 seconds in for the practical part.

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