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Ottoman Caring Tips

Caring For Your Leather Ottoman

All leather furniture requires regular maintenance to look its best, and your new leather Pouffe Ottoman (Pouffe) is no exception.

Your leather Pouffe will last many years without needing a great deal of attention. But the key is to ensure its maintained correctly and consistently and to take care of any little problems straight away to avoid them becoming eyesore later on.

Whether you use your Pouffe for a footstool, an occasional table or as casual seating, there are some tips you can employ so that your leather Pouffe looks good for years to come.

Top tips to keeping your leather Pouffe Ottoman looking great.

  • Wipe regularly with a dry microfibre cloth to get rid of any dust or dirt from shoes. Alternatively, give it a vacuum every now and then with the soft brush attachment.
  • Dont use a course brush or scrubbing brush as these can leave deep scratching which may be difficult to remove later on.
  • Blot spills immediately with a dry cloth. If staining occurs, use a soft cloth with a little warm distilled water.
  • To remove sticky residue like glue, try using an eraser or natural crepe and rub the affected area. If you need something stronger, go to your local shore repair shop and ask them to apply some leather friendly solvent to remove sticky residue.
  • If you are going to use a leather cleaning product, test it first in an inconspicuous place (the underside is probably best). Remember too to avoid cleaning products that are not designed specifically for leather.
  • Keep your Pouffe out of direct sunlight. This will ensure it doesnt fade.
  • Avoid positioning your Pouffe too close to any heat source. This will stop the leather drying out and cracking.
  • Use a good quality leather conditioner a couple of times a year. Pay particular attention to the top where people have been sitting and putting their feet up. Conditioning a couple of times a year will keep the leather soft and supple.
  • Avoid soaking the leather with water and soap. Leather is porous and overuse of water can lead to staining which could prove difficult to remove.
  • To keep the leather scratch free, dont let your pets sit on top as their claws can scratch the leather. If youre using your Pouffe as a footstool, be sure to remove your shoes as any buckles, clasps and metal can also damage the leather. Kids using your Pouffe as a plaything can also inflict damage on the leather.
  • Using your Pouffe as a small table to serve Moroccan Mint Tea is a great idea, but be sure you put a small towel down first to avoid the heat of the tray making contact with the leather.
  • Over time your Pouffe may also sag causing the leather to crease. Keeping the inside properly stuffed will also ensure it looks great on the outside too.

Your Pouffe is a great addition to the decor of any room. Keeping it looking great is relatively simple process that will see your Pouffe last for many years to come, and in fact, probably outlast your other furniture pieces.

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